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Slatwall and Slatwall Panel Installation

What is Slatwall?

What is slatwall? We get this question more than you might think and we are always happy to explain and share our experience with everyone who chooses to ask. Slatwall is a popular substrate used in many retail settings but versatile enough for garages, pantries, tradeshow booths and on fixtures. Slatwall is a versatile, sustainable, and economical choice for anyone wanting to take advantage of vertical space that may otherwise go unused. In retail environments, it offers an opportunity for product to be merchandised higher on the wall with more visibility to customers. They can easily see what you carry, whether they're in the store, or just passing by.

In answering the question of what is slatwall, we want to give equal emphasis to it's versatility. The versatility comes from the diverse selection of accessories available for use with slatwall. Once panels have been installed, the slatwall grooves are used to attach hooks, shelves, baskets, clothes hang rods, and other display accessories.

If the slatwall will be used for heavy or bulky items such as liquids, stacks of jeans or tools, we strongly suggest having your slatwall panel grooved to accept aluminum inserts. Just as the name implies, the aluminum channel is inserted into the slatwall groove and provides additional support. For example, a typical 8" slatwall hook can hold up to 65 lbs. when used in slatwall ordered with aluminum inserts. The same 8" hook used without aluminum inserts, holds 40 lbs.

The cost of slatwall is an affordable solution and KC Store Fixtures does not have a minimum order requirement, so order 1 or 1,000, it's up to you.

How to Install Slatwall

STEP 1: Slatwall panels arrive with a black line drawn along the edge, near a corner to help identify orientation; use this mark to ensure slatwall alignment. Always install the slatwall in the same direction (orientation) I.E. marked end next to an unmarked end or right side of one panel against the left side of another.

STEP 2: Place bottom slatwall panel first, then install each additional panel moving upwards.
NOTE: General application of a panel adhesive in combination with screws will provide a more secure bond with the wall.

STEP 3: A minimum of 25 screws is recommended per slatwall panel, placed every 16" OC aligned with the studs (5 rows) and in the center of alternate grooves (5 locations). Never place screws into the face of the slatwall panel. If your panels were ordered with aluminum inserts, pilot holes should be drilled prior to application.

STEP 4: Install panels stacked on top of one another with the half grooves forming a full slot at the joints. Apply panel adhesive along these joints.

STEP 5: With the exception of masonry walls, slatwall panels may be installed over existing walls: drywall or wall paneling. Panels may also be affixed directly to studs in a new construction project, but make sure to follow local fire or building codes.

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Slatwall Dimensions

Slatwall dimensions for standard horizontal panels measure 8 feet wide x 4 feet high with standard slotting of 3” on center. Each panel is 3/4” thick and made of (MDF) medium density fiberboard. Available in a variety of colors including custom.

Vertical slatwall panels measure 4ft. wide x 8ft. high with standard slotting of 3” on center and is available in select colors.