Made in Kansas City

KC Store Fixtures has been building quality showcases, wrap counters, tables and fixtures for over 25 years. We know you have options when it comes to fixtures and displays, that's why we are committed to your satisfaction and insist on building our wood products in our Kansas City, Missouri facility.

Solving A Problem
When owner Leo Galey started KC Store Fixtures in 1994, he wanted to provide retailers with a one stop source for affordable, quality retail fixtures and displays. With this vision in mind, Leo opened his company in the heart of the United States…Kansas City, Missouri.

After a year in business, and very few choices for dependable wood fixtures, it was evident the company needed an in-house manufacturing department. Today our shop employees 20 skilled craftsman who oversee cutting, building, assembly, and crating for each fixture we ship.

We take great pride in constructing durable fixtures for hard-working retailers who know the importance of investing in displays that last. Although price is a relevant consideration in your purchase decision, we know longevity and appearance play an equal role, which is why we build attractive wood-based displays that stand up to the rigors of merchandising over time.

Compare the Quality
We encourage customers to compare fixtures built by KC Store Fixtures to those of our competitors. At first glance, they may appear to be equal, but look closer. Other companies offer an import solution made overseas and constructed of ½-inch panels or thinner. KC Store Fixtures panels are ¾-inch thick; adding strength and permanence over time. Shop our website with confidence that anytime you see the Made in Kansas City logo, you're getting a fixture built with confidence and integrity.

Made in Kansas City, MO:
Slatwall H-units and 2-side Units
Cube, Triangle and 4-way Units
Slatwall Triangle Spinner
Wall Bookcases and 2-sided Gondola Units
Melamine Shelves
Nesting, Prairie and Tiered Tables
Countertop Slatwall Spinners
Shoe Towers
Hat and T-shirt Spinners
Folding Boards
Knock-down Display Pedestals
Glass Unit Bases
Wall Unit Display Cases
Front Opening Showcases
Full-, Half- and Jewelry-vision Showcases
Wrap Counters, Register Stands, Corner Fillers