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Best Price

We, like you, first think that Best Price means Best Product Price. So we strive to provide the lowest price for all of our catalog products. We constantly work to make sure you always get the best price for your store fixture or display needs. If ever you find a lower published price on the same items we carry, we want to know about it. We will beat that price.

But when we talk about Best Price we also mean Best Total Price or Value. There are many factors that can contribute to your order total. There are freight costs, taxes, packaging, and minimum quantities/order amounts to name a few.

Freight Costs - we negotiate our freight rates aggressively. That enables us to pass on a very competitive rate for truckline or small package shipments. That said though, you may specify your own carrier with your own account. Whatever works best for you works for us. Also we are centrally located in the country which can shorten the distance and transit time for your order.

Taxes - We are located in Kansas City, Missouri and only collect taxes for Kansas and Missouri destinations. So if you are shipping outside those states you could see 6-10 percent in tax savings.

Packaging - Some of our items require an additional charge for crating. Those are our slatwall panels if you order less than 20 panels or a few other items to enable small package shipping, if requested. Otherwise there is no additional packaging or labeling charge. The flip side is we will package or label your shipments per your special request. Depending on the request, we may still be able to avoid any additional fees.

Minimum Order Quantities/Small Order amounts - KC Store Fixtures does not require a minimum order amount. We will gladly take your order for 10,000 slatwall hooks today and take your order for 5 more hooks tomorrow that you forgot you needed. We only require that you order in our smallest unit of measure which is usually per piece-like clothing racks or shelf brackets or per box-like merchandise tags 1000/box or hangers 100/box. Every order is important to you so it is important to us.

Those are items that can affect your visible bottom line cost, but sometimes the intangible element of Service is most valuable. We pride ourselves in not only the Best Product Price but the Best Service to you.

First we answer our phones live. So many companies today, to cut costs, use an auto attendant through voicemail to answer their phones. We will never remove ourselves from the opportunity to talk to you our customer. Anytime during our regular store hours you have the option to call us and speak to a live person that is trained to help you. Certainly we have voicemail, email, and fax machines, but you choose which method you prefer.

Once we begin talking with you, we want to know all about you and your business. We want to know what you sell and how you want to display and/or merchandise it. The more we know the better we can provide options to achieve your goal. We know, if you are in retail, your goal is to sell more product. If you hadn’t suspected, that happens to be our goal too. We believe that if we provide you with the Best Cost on product and the Best Service to help you sell more product, we will achieve our goal as well. We aren’t trying to only get your first order but every order.

That is why KC Store Fixtures brings the overall Best Value to you.